Who we are

Role: Project Coordinator 
Website: https://www.glos.ac.uk/

The University of Gloucestershire (UOG) is a diverse, vibrant community of 9,000 undergraduate students, 1,000 postgraduate students, 40,000 alumni and 1,000 staff from all across the world. UOG has excellent credentials to contribute to the ABT project. With a long-standing interest in the themes of migration and supporting migrants and refugees, the University actively engages with migrant and refugee community members, as well as using arts and visual communication to communicate about the benefits of belonging to a diverse community.

Role: Project Partner 
Website: https://www.kmop.gr/

KMOP is a non- profit organisation based in Athens, Greece. KMOP with more than 40 years of experience in the sustainable development, social growth, human rights protection, social inclusion and policy research, brings to the partnership significant managerial and technical capacity that will contribute to the successful implementation of the project. KMOP has wide expertise in social welfare, health, employability and human rights protection, scientific research and the development of know-how in social policy issues. Promoting migrants’ rights is among the core values of KMOP. The organisation focuses on building migrants’ resilience, combatting inequalities and supporting inclusive and sustainable growth by developing and implementing a variety of innovative tools, programmes and policies.

Role: Project Partner 
Website: https://artit.net/

Artit London Ltd. is a pioneering online gallery, based in London, UK. Since its inception on the 15th of April 2019, Artit has has been to supporting and rewarding creative endeavors, especially those of undiscovered, yet highly promising, visual artists around the globe. With over 2k international Artit members coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, Artit has managed to use its novel digital platform as a means to connect, support and reward visual artists by hosting monthly publishing opportunities and a wide range of theme-specific virtual exhibitions. We believe in art as a powerful tool that talks directly to the hearts of people; one that can trigger positive change. With the latter in mind, we aim to using art as a means to raise awareness towards matters that touch on each and every one of us. Whether that is to target global warming and reestablish respect to nature or pointing to troubling political and societal topics, we give voice to artists and organizations that strive for the best version of the world we live in.

Role: Project Partner 
Website: https://www.hubnicosia.org/

In a world surrounded with conflict and exclusion of many forms, HUB Nicosia aspires to take part in actions that improve individual lives, enhance social inclusion and inspire hope. The Hub Nicosia Ltd (Hub Nicosia) is a non-Governmental organization that operates as an educational centre and a co-working space for individuals and organisations with cultural, educational, environmental and social aims. It is located near Nicosia’s buffer zone and welcomes people from different communities and ethnic backgrounds.

Role: Project Partner 
Website: https://smoc.ba/

SARAJEVO SUSRET KULTURA (SMOC) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2012 with an aim to promote the diverse culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina within and beyond its borders. By promoting the city of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina as a place where tolerance, peace and coexistence of different cultures meet, SMOC engages in activities that put effort into promoting the country as a place of multiculturalism and openness.