The current immigration crisis, coupled with the growth of radicalization and extremism is one of the defining problems of our era. Europe is now facing problems of intercultural relations and clashes of culture which are creating a new wave of violence, xenophobia, racism, and social fears at a local, national and international level.  

At the same time, culture and arts can be powerful means to promote intercultural dialogue and combat deeply seated stereotypes. In the context of the migratory and refugee phenomenon, it is crucial to explore the ways in which culture and the arts can help to bring individuals and people together, increase their participation in cultural and societal life, as well as to promote intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity.

The Art Hubs for Youth (ABT) project aims at combatting inequality, intolerance and injustice for young people with migrant and non-migrant backgrounds, utilising the ability of the Arts to transcend social barriers.


  • Help new arrivals learn about and make EU values their own

  • Build mutual understanding between new arrivals and receiving communities

  • Encourage intercultural dialogue

  • Support the professional development of youth workers and trainers to cope better with intercultural problems, racism, xenophobia and social fears of youth learners, 

  • Promote the active participation of youth in their community, with a focus on youth at risk of marginalisation due to cultural, social and economic barriers

Special emphasis will be given on methods that promote creative intercultural dialogue among people with diverse ethnic backgrounds and the role of the arts in this process.

Target Groups

  • Young people with migrant backgrounds who want to gain new creative skills along with addressing their need for social inclusion. 
    They may come from different cultural perspectives and backgrounds. 

  • Art teachers working with youth, youth trainers, youth workers and members of organisations working with young migrants/refugees.